Our tours to discover the history, beauty and gastronomic delicacies of Parma will start in March 2021!

Due to the situation that has affected the whole world, we have had to slow down, but we will soon be ready to start again. Book now your food tour in Parma and from March onwards we will be happy to welcome you in our splendid city, in the safest way possible.

To make sure you book the tour with no doubts about the current and continuously evolving situation, visit the link salute.gov.it at the bottom of the page. We can’t wait to see you again in the ‘Bel Paese’!

Food Tour Parma

Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano, Culatello, Spalla Cotta: the specialties that made Parma “City of Gastronomy”, are many and all to discover and try. Our tour food in Parma are an exclusive experience, also thanks to the competence of our guides, through the specialties of a land that loves and brings together impeccably food and culture.

We planned exclusive itineraries through the major sites of our city to offer you the tastiest and most enjoyable experience. Eating, drinking and sightseeing are combined perfectly in our food tour in Parma. A culinary experience you will never forget!


  • New Tour!

    Street Food Deli

    About 2-3 hours
    The tour includes 5 steps, during which there will be the opportunity to taste […]
  • New Tour!

    Shades of Ham

    About 3-4 hours
    The first tour stop is in a fine Salumificio in Quinzano di Sotto, where […]
  • New Tour!

    La Bella Parma

    About 3-4 hours
    The tour begins with a walk in the Parco Ducale to reach an historical […]
  • New Tour!

    The Parmigiano-Reggiano and its declinations

    About 4-5 hours
    The tour includes the visit of two dairies: in the first one we will […]
  • New Tour!

    What The Great Musicians Used To Eat

    About 3-4 hours
    The tour starts from the P.le Santa Croce parking and then enters the Parco […]

Eatin’ Parma

EatIn’ Parma is an unique experience filled with food, wine and all those peculiarities can make you feel the real taste of our beloved city.

Our food tours in Parma will take you step by step on a path where food and culture meet.

Enjoy the most popular gastronomic Italian city, in the heart of Food Valley:


Visit Parma

Each place we will visit, is chosen for its historic and cultural significance and extraordinary reputation among locals and food lovers.

By booking our food tour, you will have the opportunity to discover what the real Parmesan food experience is and try the true italian lifestyle. Your local food guide will let you discover the delicacies that only those who deeply know and understand the italian cuisine and the culture of good food can convey.

Every taste, every flavour and every combination of spices and wine is thought to stimulate your senses and donate you a moment of pure happiness.

Food culture is an important part of Emilia-Romagna’s lifestyle, probably the most important. A competent expert will be your local food guide and will take you out for a walk through Parma, where the heart of the Italian food tradition and food industries are.

With EatIn’ Parma you will discover the details and the passion behind the exceptional quality of our products.

About Us

What makes our tours truly unique is the experience and the enthusiasm of our guide.

With years of activity behind him as a cook, both in Italy and abroad, our local food guide has its roots in this land, the Emilian land and will be able to illustrate you perfectly the secrets of a cuisine famous and appreciated all over the world. With his advice, during our food guided tour you will be able to see how the composition of the ingredients transforms a recipe into alchemy.

A dish is never the same as another, they are always different, even those with the same ingredients… All you got to do is know how to savor them fully.

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