What do we talk about when we talk about craft beer?

Craft beer is defined as beer produced by small independent breweries and not subjected to pasteurization and microfiltration during the production phase.

In general, it is the so-called raw beer, or rather, the typical craft beer, the one that brings greater benefits to the human organism; the absence of pasteurization allows to keep intact the organoleptic properties of the beer which manage to interact positively with the human organism.

According to Italian law, therefore, only beer that meets three fundamental criteria can be defined craft beer:

  • It must not be pasteurized or microfiltered.
  • It must be produced by an independent brewery.
  • The brewery must not exceed a production of 200,000 hl per year.

This kind of beer is authentic, the only one capable of embodying the spirit of a drink that has a “socializing” power, which has always been at the center of interpersonal relationships.

Craft beer is a way to drink better than the industry has accustomed us to do. From a conceptual point of view, craft beer “must” be good: produced with quality ingredients, without invasive techniques, with precise organoleptic characteristics.


It is without a doubt a food trend in growing diffusion, that of craft breweries: but many of them have already achieved a certain notoriety and high levels of excellence. Among these we find a lot of brand of craft beers in Parma.

Among the craft beers of Parma, the Birrificio Gregorio makes unfiltered and unpasteurized beers.
The beer production facility is in the city center, where you can enjoy beer in a comfortable environment and in good company.

The Gregorio Brewery has also started the production of craft beer since 2011, after a long study started 10 years earlier to get to offer a supply of the highest quality and extremely cured products.

An English proverb says that bread is the energy of life, but beer is life itself… curious to try these specialties made in Parma? Choose among our tours the one that’s right for you!


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