Il Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro, recognised IGP in 1993 and protected by the same named Consortium, is one of the leading products of the gastronomy of the Parm’s gastronomy.

The whole area surrounding Emilia-Romagna is a land rich in history, full of castles, medieval villages and ancient places of worship, and it is precisely here that the Porcino becomes the king of the woods!

Used in thousand recipes, the Porcino di Borgotaro has exceptional aromatic and olfactory qualities.

The mushroom picking in the Apennine area of ​​Albareto, Val di Taro and Pontremoli is a true tradition that characterized the local culture ever since. In the woods that cover these mountains, in fact, the high-quality Porcino grow, and stand out for their delicacy and for the unique characteristics that make them different from all the others.

Its color varies from white hazelnut to brown depending on the variety, it differs from the other mushrooms for its strong aroma, sweet and delicate flavor and particular softness.

Each of the four species of Borgotaro Porcino that are collected in the IGP area (Boletus Edulis, Boletus Aereus, Boletus Aestivalis e Boletus Pinophilus) is characterized by an intense aroma and a clean, never spicy, without smelling of hay or licorice, that otherwise would not allow to appreciate fully the typical scent of woods and humid soil.

The Porcino is the tasty leading actor of a gastronomic itinerary that leads to the discovery of the most significant places linked to its history and its collection. Along the Porcino roads it is possible to get in touch with the nature and history of this area full of charm and precious testimonies of the past.

Porcino di Borgotaro in the kitchen

The recipes that can fully express the potential of this delicacy are endless. Appetizers with olives, bruschetta with mushroom patè, salad with raw porcini, mousse, but also goat cheese with porcino or Parmigiano Reggiano, snails, but you can also taste the Porcino in its pureness grilled.

In short, even in the kitchen, there is ample room for imagination with the Borgotaro mushroom, a porcino to be discovered.

Since you can only pick up the best quality of the Porcino di Borgotaro in the months of September, October and November tours dedicated to this delicacy will be avaiable at that time.


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