Parma will be the Italian Capital of Culture also in 2021!

The agreement was reached through the Relaunch Decree approved by the Italian Government, accepting the request made by the city of Parma and the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Due to the health emergency that affected the whole world and of course Italy, Parma was forced to suspend the initiatives of Parma Italian capital of culture 2020.

Exhibitions, events and shows began on 11 January, as we anticipated in our article, in the sign of the cutural exchange and the concept of sustainability that has always characterized the culture of Parma. This stop represented a serious blow to the city, which, however, fortunately, was able to immediately get up and start working again for what will be a period full of cultural events.

The logo has also been updated to represent this great news: the “+ 21” has been added to 2020, testifying to the will of parma to remain Italian Capital of culture next year, without forgetting what has been done so far.

The main theme remain Time, which for a while has been suspended, and the program will be able to also talk about the historical passage we are experiencing.

Parma is now ready to start again by resuming the journey started, duplicating its efforts to complete what can still be done in 2020 and preparing a new year, 2021, as a great Italian Capital of Culture.

A few words about us

Our project, EatIn’ Parma, was born initially precisely to underline even more in the mind of tourists and locals, the importance of food, between tradition and innovation, has in the culture of Parma.

Unfortunately, what happened and which affected many citizens and also us, was a serious blow from which we are ready to start again, with greater awareness and strength.

What happened has taught us that every moment is precious, that the conviviality that so characterizes our Italian spirit and our idea of ​​”being together” should not be taken for granted and, indeed, it is a precious gift.

From March 2021 we will be ready to start again, or rather to really begin! This was only a slowdown in a path that will allow us to give you unforgettable moments of happiness and good food and we look forward to welcoming you and making you discover our fabulous city!





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