Food tour in Italy

Here are some things you cannot miss during your holiday in Parma: from the most important places to museums and theatres, to restaurants and pub where to find our culinary delicacies!
It's a typical Italian tradition: wine accompanies our meal on every occasion. Rich in color with a thousand shades of red or white; amaranth, purple, yellow, fruity or drier taste. For each occasion we can choose between different qualities and different fragrances. To discover the wines of Emilia-Romagna it's a real journey.
Among the Emilia-Romagna’s food, the Culatello is indeed unmissable: born from the fog around the river, an essential element for its taste, is one of the most precious and typical food of Emilia tradition. Culatello, mentioned, according to some, for the first time in a document of the eighteenth century. The Culatello di Zibello can...