It’s a typical Italian tradition: wine accompanies our meal on every occasion. Rich in color with a thousand shades of red or white; amaranth, purple, yellow, fruity or drier taste. For each occasion we can choose between different qualities and different fragrances. To discover the wines of Emilia-Romagna it’s a real journey.

Of all the local wines, Lambrusco is undoubtedly the most recognizable: of an intense red color, it is the clear demonstration of how deeply each wine is linked to the character of its territory.

Sparkling, lively and convivial: it is the portrait of Emilia, the region in which it was born.

5 things to know about Lambrusco

  1. Lambrusco is an autochthonous wine, deeply linked to its land, constituting almost all its cultivation;
  2. Its grapes come entirely from the area, which has always been a source of great pride for its producers;
  3. Has a “transparent” supply chain;
  4. It has unique organoleptic characteristics: it is sparkling and red;
  5. The change in the climate has greatly favored this wine, making its alcohol content increase by one and a half points and the acidity decrease, thus making it much more balanced and pleasant;

From red to white wine

But if you are a lover of white wine, the wines of Emilia-Romagna never cease to amaze us. For the most authentic palates, Sauvignon is the right choice, for a dinner with friends. With its white color, the characteristic smell of floral notes and the dry, fresh, balanced flavor, Sauvignon wine is certainly one of the best wines of Emilia-Romagna to be paired with fish appetizers. Just as Sauvignon can be.

Finally, in its sweet or dry, sparkling or still variant, one cannot miss what is a true must of the wines of Emilia-Romagna: the Malvasia. Ideal for a light aperitif, also based on fish, or cream desserts but also, for true gourmets, with fruit cakes, this wine has a scent that remains impressed and goes well with the most typical products of Emilia-Romagna.

And for the conclusion of the meal, why do not enjoy some Parma’s liqueurs? Nocino is one of them, made from nuts, especially in the area of Noceto (where I was born). It has an intense black color and a strong flavor that goes well with Parma’s typical sweets such as Tortello Brusco.


Someone says that wine is the intellectual part of lunch – or dinner, so it’s time to rediscover yourself in a glass whether it’s red or white.


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